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Gift of the Spirit


IMAGE Programme in Spandana Social Service - Allanki
A street play was organized on alcoholism, drug abuse and cleanliness, organized by Prerana Allanki, supported by Spandana social service, and Gram... Read More...
IMAGE Inauguration of the new insertion in Pothaliponka, Berhampur Diocese, Orissa
To commemorate the bicentennial celebration of our Foundress Adelaide’s entry into glory, we the DHMs of India Province South had the joy of... Read More...
IMAGE Bi - Centenary Celebration of Life into eternal glory of Adelaide de Cice (1818 -2018) -Foundress - Daughters of the Heart of Mary
India Province South celebrated the Bi - Centenary of life into eternal glory of their foundress, Adelaide de Cice on May 31st. The Bi - centenary... Read More...
IMAGE On this auspicious day as we inaugurate our Province Website which happens to coincide with the birth anniversary of our dear founder Fr.de.... Read More...
We must not rest in the creature but in God. In all things we want to conform ourselves to the will of God. -Fr. Peter Joseph de Cloriviere
IMAGE Journal of Religion and Health
Protective Role of Spirituality from the Perspective of Indian College Students with Suicidal Ideation: “I am here Because God Exists”  ... Read More...
IMAGE Adelaide - A women of Prayer
A woman of prayer, a woman on MissionA woman in constant union with GodA woman whose actions sprang forth from GodOur foundress Adelaide de’Cice... Read More...
IMAGE Society of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary – Today
Serene and calm you go aboutOver and above you give yourselfCaring and sharing is part of your lifeIntelligent and prudent you are leaven in the... Read More...

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